Arome model inaccurate for The Netherlands

  • For some time now I noticed inconsistencies with the Arome model for the Dutch North Sea coast. Wind directions and wind speeds are definitely wong.

    First of all this model is inconsistent with all other models Windy provides for the same area and checking against the Arome model that Squid provides shows they are both different.

    In case you need screengrabs or actual gribs, just let me know.

    Thanks for having a look.


  • Sailor Moderator

    It would be useful that you post screenshots to show how Arome is so bad (according to you).
    Then concerning the difference with Arome shown by Squid, it must be said that there are 2 versions of Arome: one coupled with IFS and the other one coupled with Arpege. That could explain the differences.

  • Please note. Wind direction and speed from GFS and ECMWF models including Arome Squid are really different in Arome Windy. I can confirm from experience that the first three models usually comply with real life conditions while Arome Windy does not.

    All files 20th November 2020

    GFS.jpg ECMWF.jpg Arome_Windy.jpg Arome_Squid.jpg

  • Hi @wimvans, your screenshot isn't from our application. It is from an application that has a similar name but isn't linked to us in any way. We are, red and white logo, not blue and white.

    Our application on stores:

  • Sailor Moderator

    @wimvans What do your screenshots demonstrate? That Arome in Squid is gives diferent wind values compare to GFS and ECMWF. Again, there are 2 version of Arome. I would like to know which one is used in Windy.

  • Hmm... so let the real Windy stand up please!
    Mix up totally my fault, but there remain some questions, observations.

    1. My iOS devices upgraded the blue Windy app yesterday. And you know what, it now crashes on both of my idevices...

    2. Sorry to have bothered you with this. My point is that in blue Windy, wind direction of ‘their’ Arome model is always different and not by a few degrees. Anyway, not your problem.

    3. Why are there two Windys, or should I say Windies? Just checked the app store, very very confusing.

    4. Looks like I have to change my subscription.

    Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

    Best, wimvans

  • Sailor Moderator

    So the screenshots are from the « blue » Windy? Not from Squid?

  • The colourfull screenshots are blue Windy. The simple blue graph is the Arome model as downloaded from Squid. Looking at the wind direction from this you see it aligns with the GFS and ECMWF models from blue Windy and it is correct. The blue Windy Arome wind direction is from the south while the other models are from NE directions.

  • BTW Squid offers two Arome models that differ in resolution. I’ve found the Arome HD version, which offers incredible resolution, to be spot on a lot of times. Of course models this precise only cover a period a little over 24 hours in advance.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Windy offer also the Arome HD version with a 1.3km resolution (but this figure is rounded here at 2km). The standard Arome version has a 2.5km resolution.

  • Administrator

    Seems like you use Russian copycat app Windy

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