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    Good Morning. I think it would be very good if the pressure thickness variables (for example 1000/500 or 1000/700) could be added to the variables, which would be very useful to identify air masses.
    At the same time, I think the vorticity charts would also be very important. Thank you very much for the information you provide us.

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    Those are indeed interesting variables and maps used to forecast the weather. To identify the different air mass, potential temperature at 850hPa would be very useful as well. I would enjoy to see those maps included in Windy but we have to keep in mind that the primary focus of Windy is outdoor activities, not to become a new site for meteorologists, professional or not.
    To differentiate air mass with Windy, you can already use the temperature at 850hPa. If you combine with the humidity map at 700hPa, you can even identify the fronts as I posted here : https://community.windy.com/topic/13958/displaying-weather-fronts-notations?_=1605867651499

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    @Yves70 Thank you Ives. Yes, I use 700 and 850 for this. But I think that thickness complements them, and it is useful to add more information that can accurate snow areas, for example.

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