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    Hi there,

    I downloaded the windy app and got a premium subscription as I liked the website and use it for surf predictions. However, even after purchasing Windy Pro the info for surf spots seems really limited, for instance no information on tides is available. Also every time I click anything my settings seem to revert to basic 3 hour forecast, rather than the hourly wave forecast which I need. This is very annoying.

    My girlfriend’s Android with a basic subscription seems to display much more information, and it turns out she has a different version of Windy (with the blue icon rather than the red one). I tried installing that one and logging in but it somehow won’t let me transfer my Pro account.

    What is the deal here and what should I do?


  • Administrator

    @sebsurft Hello, you are referring to a different application, we are Windy.com and our subscription is called Windy Premium, not "Windy PRO".

    You can see our app on the stores -

    I can see you have our Premium account, then you have access to 1 hour forecast. If you have issue with accessing this feature, please follow steps in this manual.

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