• Dear developers, the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan is grossly violated on the weather map. The Karabakh region is separated from the rest of Azerbaijan. According to international law and the UN Security Council resolutions, Karabakh is part of Azerbaijan. Correct this blunder.

    ![0_1606689409867_Screenshot_20201130-022850.png](Uploading 28%)

  • Hello @Gunduz, our base map is provided by Open Street Maps. Once the information is updated there, it will also be visible in our application.

    Please, note that it takes some time for the changes to be also visible in Windy. First, we wait if the edited data are correct on OSM, then we implement it. Thank you for your understanding.

  • @petra-pik Everything is correct in Open Street Maps, borders are correctly defined. However, in Windy, the border is not drawn correctly. Please fix it.
    ![0_1606762434018_Screenshot_20201130-224455~2.png](Uploading 100%)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Screenshot_20201130-224455~2.png

  • @petra-pik The border is marked with a bold line. Highways are marked with a thin line. You have confused and marked the road with a border.

  • @Gunduz as I mentioned above, it takes some time for the change to be visible also on Windy. We always have to manually update it, it is not automatic process.

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