If you want more subs, add default model setting

  • Subject says it all. This community forum is littered with dozens of posts about this. Why do you continue to ignore this EASY way of getting more paid subscriptions. I'm not buying it until I can set the default to the best model for my area.

    I would be willing to bet I'm not alone. Your added subscriber base will MORE than pay for the work to add this feature. Do yourself and us a favour and do it.

    Please. šŸ˜Š


  • ....and if I wasn't clear, I will HAPPILY purchase a subscription if this feature is added. $$$$$

  • Hello @hulakai, thank you for your feedback.

    Right now, you can choose a default layer as a Premium subscriber. It is available on the desktop version, will be in the application with the next release.

    Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 16.50.06.png

  • @petra-pik thank you Petra....but surely you realize this is not what I am referring to?

    It's not the default layer I am concerned aboit, it's setting the default MODEL (ie GFS, NAM, etc) that is the feature that seems to most requested here in your forum....and likely to give you an immediate boost in revenue.

    Thanks for the speedy response though!

  • Sailor Moderator

    The most requested is the layer instead of Wind as default layer.

  • | Premium

    @hulakai I have to agree. I mean, Iā€™m premium anyway, but at times I really get irritated by this.

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