• Predicts north swell outside Jæren norway on southern fetch. It is like the module suggest the wind swell wraps around 120* off coast and turns into ocean swell. Have tried to find alternative reasons, such as there actually is a north swell occurring or it is affected by the coast, but have been unable to. Admittedly maybe so because of lack of expertise.

    Best regards L

  • Administrator

    @lobe Hello, did you try other model as well for comparison?

  • Sailor Moderator

    I do not understand what you mean. First you should post here a screenshot, otherwise how could we give an explanation.
    What is wind swell and ocean swell?

  • Sailor Moderator

    Please refer to these definitions:
    Waves is the seastate (also called total sea) that you can observe in a given place and is a mix of different type of waves:
    Swells are produced by strong winds in a remote place. Swells travel great distances to where you observe them.
    All of them have different heights, come from different directions and show different periods (i.e. the time between 2 wave crests)
    Swell 1 is the main swell,
    Swell 2 and Swell 3 are secondary swells
    Wind waves (also called wind sea) are produced by the local wind.
    You can consider that Waves = Wind Waves + Swell1 + Swell2 + Swell3

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