Keep the 1h/3h forecast preference stored in the Cloud

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    Hello, first of all, thank you for all the great work on such an awesome app!

    I'd like to propose a suggestion about the switch between 1h/3h forecast view. I find it particularly annoying to keep switching between the two all the time I want to check the forecast - my idea was to keep the settings saved in the cloud so next time I open the app (web browser / mobile app) it loads the settings and switch to that.

    Example: User opens the web and it defaults to 3h forecast, so they have to switch to 1h forecast. Opening Windy on mobile phone and here we are again it's set to 3h forecast - tap the toggle to 1h forecast.

    It could be easily solved by saving the preference for the logged in user and then simply apply that preference whenever the user logs in.

    Thank you for consideration.

    Best regards,


  • Hi @itskemo, thank you for your feedback! We will take it into account when developing future features.

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    @petra-pik yes please, this! And also save view eg meteogram, so it doesn’t always default to basic!

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