Yr.no stopped to display weather webcams. Find all these webcams at windy.com.

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    Webcams.travel (which was absorbed by Windy.com later on) was provider of weather webcams for Norwegian weather institute for many years and for free.

    Unfortunately, the new version of their weather website https://www.yr.no/ does not contain weather webcams, which they explain in their FAQ document as "we have lost supplier":

    Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 10.50.39.png

    This is not true. Our API endpoints are the same and for yr.no free of charge. Yr.no just made business decision, that they do not want to display weather webcams to its users. That's it.

    The good news is, that all the webcams can be found at: www.windy.com/webcams

    alt text

    Please spread the word among all Yr.no users, that their webcams can be found at our website, or in our iOS/Android app.

    When it comes to weather and safety, there is no room for turf wars.

    Use our weather webcams and stay safe.


  • @ivo
    Hi Ivo & Windy,

    I don't think it is really necessary to comment or "clarify" yr.no decisions and their FAQ about webcams like this. What they did makes total sense to me, it does not mean they do not want to show webcams to their users, and of course they want others to "stay safe", but they don't want to redirect their visitors to a competition website. That's it.

    The same happened to more former webcams.travel API users who are weather websites like Windguru (me), Windfinder ...
    And on a side note, I am a bit disappointed that when Windy took over webcams.travel, the API change happened silently, no notification to current API users... it took some weeks untill users warned me that I am redirecting to a competition site instead of lookr.com ;-)

    Hey guys, come on! you are cool, you created a great website, hats off... but you don't need dirty tricks to be more famous, they only hurt your reputation.

    Good luck!

    Vaclav, windguru.cz

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