How to have Windy without advertisement (and not to go bankrupt)

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    We, at Windy, hate advertisement probably the same as you do. But someone will have to pay the bills.

    Here are some facts:

    • Number of our visitors grow 100% every year

    • We distribute more and more weather data, so our infrastructure costs grows even more than 100% a year

    • We innovate like a crazy

    • If 3% of our regular users will subscribe to Windy Premium we will not have to put advertisement on Windy at all.

    • In order not to go bankrupt we need to put advertisement on our site in 2021.

    If you want to have Windy without advertisement (only around 1.8 USD a month), please subscribe to Windy Premium and we will clear all the advertisement for you.

    If you do not want to become Windy Premium user, and still feel offended by this advertisement, please give us some hint and ideas.

    How to have Windy without the advertisement and not to go bankrupt.

    Any ideas are welcome.


  • @ivo please hide this banner for goods thanks.

  • | Premium

    @ivo please make this banner 80% of the screen for @D-Saludaga thanks.

  • Hi @d-saludaga, we understand that the banner isn't visually pleasing but the reasons why we display it are mentioned in the article. Thank you for understanding.

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