This alert is not assigned to any Windy account!

  • I keep getting emails about this: This alert is not assigned to any Windy account! We would like to ask you to login or register and assign it to your account. All unassigned alerts will be automatically terminated by January 2021.

    I’ve logged in to my account on app and mobile and full website from various devices and I have no clue where to assign an email account for weather alerts.

    If I’ve provided an email address when I first signed up for, why isn’t that used? Why does one need to assign an email address for alerts if an email address is already provided to sign into

    There’s more important issues in the world right now but I’m getting fed up receiving these emails all the time. Yet there doesn’t seem to be a way to register an email for alerts.

  • Hello @cheesebeanos, the most common reason is a typo in the email address when you were creating the alert.
    If you let me know what exact username and email it mentions in the body of the email I will look into it.

  • @petra-pik Hi. I think I fixed it. I used one email address to register with windy, and another for alerts. I’ve now set the alerts email to the same as for registering and signing in. Also, there’s a bug in iOS 13 that makes some apps notifications not work. There’s no option to allow notifications on mobile, unless one deletes and reinstalls the app. Which is what I’ve done and I now have alerts working for mobile app. Hopefully that’s it sorted. If not then I’ll be in touch again. Thank you for replying so quick. Craig.

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