• Windy, me encanta tu pronostico de clima. es muy bueno.

    Me gustaría proponer que en vez de mostrar el planisferio irreal como fondo del mapa, muestren el real! es decir, según las dimensiones de cada país, conservando las áreas pero no los ángulos.
    En el siguiente link pueden ver a lo que me refiero
    "La proyección de Peters es equivalente, es decir que conserva la proporción entre las áreas de las distintas zonas de la Tierra. Esta es su principal diferencia con la proyección Mercator, la más utilizada y en la actualidad, que conserva los ángulos pero no las áreas."

    Windy, I love your weather forecast. is very good.

    I would like to propose that instead of showing the unreal planisphere as the background of the map, they show the real one! that is, according to the dimensions of each country, conserving the areas but not the angles.
    In the following link you can see what I mean
    "The Peters projection is equivalent, that is, it preserves the proportion between the areas of the different areas of the Earth. This is its main difference with the Mercator projection, the most widely used and currently, which preserves the angles but not the areas. "

  • This is debatable... there are many pros (mainly about administrative areas) and cons (mainly for distances accuracy) about this map projection.

    Anyway, plotting worldwide maps and data in "the best" map projection is a never-ending story; this is the reason Google created his own projection EPSG:900913 (900913 is the digit form of google string), which become standard for web mapping.

    For worldwide maps, the best compromise would be to draw everything on a 3D sphere (which requires much more computing effort and resources); this is the reason Google finally ended by implementing it after many complaints from users. Afaik. Windy also plans to implement maps on 3D sphere (which was already available a couple of years ago), see this post.

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