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    Windy already provides an incredibly beautiful visual satellite. During the night however, one would have to switch to IR/IR-Blue. Would it be possible to add an extra option, like a low-cloud RGB? This way, one can see Stratus/fog in more detail and one is able to better distinguish Stratus from Stratocumulus.
    Here is an example of such RGB from knmi.nl. Especially the gap (in fog/Stratus) near Luxembourg is well detailed.

    Kind regards,

    Marcel, a happy user of Windy!

    KNMI low cloud RGB.PNG

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    @marcelwind Hi Marcel, thank you for feedback. If you miss IR+ option, you can actually set your own palette for satellite in Settings -> Customise color scale.

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    Thanks for your response, Korina. I didn't notice this option, and it looks quite interesting. Actual RGB satellite images however, use multiple different IR/VIS channels. Because of this, the difference between (for instance) the top of a -5 degree Celsius Stratus cloud and -5 degree land surface is distinguishable (and will display different colors). Using a normal (single-channel) IR satellite image like Windy does, one can not see the difference between -5 degree cloud and -5 degree land.
    Anyway, it might be an interesting feature for the future.

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