Why does windy still show 3 hour changes when I have a premium account?

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    I would like to know more about where the data from Australia is coming from as windy has shown it to be raining in my area with very heavy rain fall in my area yet we had sunny blue sky’s this seems to have been more of an issue since I paid for membership than it was before hand. As I paid for membership as it was meant to be updated more often from3 hours to an hour but I have no change. If anything the predictions are worse.

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    @mrsbargin Hello, in order to view 1h forecast, you need to switch it in the detailed forecast here -

    Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 11.17.54.png

    Furthermore, more frequent updates (6 hour updates) are for ECMWF model.

    You mentioned that forecast are inaccurate, have you then tried any other model? It is important to try all of them to the best outcome.

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