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    HI. I joined Windy only recently. I still don't have a complete hang of the UI, but I just began looking into use of the plugins. I don't know how plug-ins work (do they get embedded as code), but I assume plug-ins have the potential to create security risks for users. Is there any kind of code review or function review to verify each plugin is safe? If so, how safe? If not, of course some plug-ins could collect data while others might just expose security flaws. So, what's the story on plug-in risks? Thanks!

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    @bruzote Hello, plugins that are in the plugin section on Windy.com are official and there is no risk to use them.

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    @bruzote Yes plugins are part of JS code that runs in the same context as Windy. That is also reason, why we do not propagate them on mobile devices.

    They are security risk, but we check the listed "official" plugins time to time.

    The same apply in you install browser extension in Chrome of Safari or any other program to your computer.

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