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    Screenshot_2020-12-14 Windy as forecasted.png

    Belgium doesn't display the cliud base data currently.

    Also, what's showing in the East of the country is highly inaccurate (currently quite low ceilings, less than 3/4 thousand feet for sure.

    Is this just a bug?

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    Where there is no cloud, there is no cloud base.


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    @idefix37 I can tell you, for being there, that at the time of the screenshot, the ceiling was real and heavy.
    BTW, one can clearly notice there's data missing in the upper left quarter: you won't tell me that that is a natural shape of clouds, right?

  • Sailor Moderator

    Obviously the limit between grey area (no cloud base) and coloured areas (cloud base) does not show the shape of clouds. This is because this limit is not smoothed. You know that the model forecast data is provided in a grid of points. Then Windy interpolates the values between the grid points. But there is no interpolation between the areas w/ cloud base and w/o cloud base.
    The rectangular shapes correspond to the model resolution.


    You get the same pattern with the Precipitation types layer.
    Areas of rain, snow, wet snow... are not smoothed.


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