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    Hello, Windy is my favorite weather app but I use other apps for quick reference often such as AccuWeather and WeatherBug.

    Using “Temperatures” I’ve noted on many occasions that Windy does not report current local temperatures accurately. For instance, our current local temp is -7 C and Windy is reporting -3 C. Why the delta in reporting?

    Addendum: I just rediscovered “reported temp” and the delta using this feature is -7 local, -5 reported by Windy. I sampled around my region and discovered a delta between 1-5 deg variants.

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    First of all, this not Windy but the model you use which gives you a temperature forecast. Comparing the models can be very useful in order to know what model could be the best for your location
    Second, this is a forecast not a reported temperature. There is always a difference between real and forecast temperature
    With Windy, you can open a weather station close to your location which will provide you with real temparature

  • Hello @bludawg, thank you for using Windy!

    Forecasts are not generated by Windy, we 'just' visualize forecast data provided by meteorological centers.

    You can compare different forecast models to see which one is most accurate for your location.

    To see real-time values, you can try feature 'Reported temperature' and 'Reported wind'. Those are values measured by weather stations that are reporting to Windy.

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