Custom Color Scale Magicseaweed Colors

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    I love Windy but I really like the colors on the Magicseaweed Swellmaps:
    MSW Swell Color Scale.png
    so when I discovered it was possible to customize the color scale I copied the Magicseaweed colors, and I´m really happy with the result.

    Here´s the code, enjoy:


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    And here´s a custom one I made for myself with the same colors, but differently scaled as so to differentiate multiples of my "head high" tresholds (I am 1.7m of height):

    At my 1.7m "Head High" treshold the color switches from blue to green.

    At my 3.4m "Double Overhead" treshold the color switches from green to yellow.

    At my 5.1m "Triple Overhead" treshold the color switches from yellow to orange.

    At my 6.8m "XXL" treshold the color switches from orange to red.

    I know this is not perfect since a small long period ground swell can produce overhead waves, but until Windy gives us "Surf", "Energy" or even just "Period" sea maps, this is the next best thing 😛 enjoy:


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    You should post a screenshot if you want to convince Windy users to use your Waves color scale. Here is the second setting you propose:


    What bothers me is the deep blue for flat sea, and light blue for waves over 1m. I would expect the contrary.

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    I tried to post a screenshot but it kept give me this error messages, even while I managed to post the swell scale:

    ![0_1608281819607_0A279258-04CF-40B5-BD3E-8B36C5CBC89A.png](Uploading 0%)

    But thanks for doing it for me! 🙂

    Anyway I think this particular color scale does make a lot of sense for surfing:

    Dark Blue is the ‘normal’ color ofthe ocean, the color you would see in most parts of the world when looking at a unbroken sea surface or down into the abyss on the open ocean

    As waves break with foam the color will turn to white, hence ‘light blue’ for small, whitewash waves.

    Me personally as a shortboard surfer, I am most interested in the days where the waves are head high or over, this will be the greenlighted areas on the map.
    When waves get backlit they turn greenish, and the unbroken part of a good surfing wave is called a green wave in surf lingo. So this makes sense.

    Going into the double, and triple overhead range the danger increases, so orange and red are good indicators of this.

    Purple is the ‘Ultra’ color, to show waves of extraordinary size, and the Black Hole shows that the scale is maxed out.

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    That make sense.
    BTW when you post a screenshot, its size must not exceed 1Mo.

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