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    When I started with Windy and showed it to my colleagues where I worked in Thailand, they were all very impressed and it has become the "de-facto" flight planning tool for them, and I know many others are using it in their personal lives.

    I have retired now, and moved back to Canada where I hope to continue flying for many years. The problem is that since I set the start-up location in Thailand (Nakhon Si Thammarat) before you made that a pay feature, it is now stuck there and I can't change it. Yes, I am considering a subscription because I think it is the premiere tool for reports and forecasting. but I think starting location should be something that exists outside to the pay scheme.

    The second thing is a data request. I looked for, but could not find "WindChill" which here in the Great White North of Canada is quite important to us. That could be represented in Watts per Square Metre or Wm2, or in the more popular "Windchill Equivalent Temperature" or do BOTH! 🥶 Temperature should be primary, while I know that a windchill of 2,000 Watts per square metre is damn dangerous, most people would understand that as something around -40° C Any possibility of adding it (and a HUMIDEX for hotter temps) on?

    When it comes to seeking formulary to calculate the appropriate values, I can say with some authority that the latest Canadian research on the Windchill side is probably the best. I say this from experience having actually been one of the subjects in human cold research a few years ago. :-)

    I cannot speak to the most accurate Humidex/Heat Index formula, but you already have the components of both the hot and cold caluculations (wind speed, wind gust, temperature, dew point) Cheers.

    And if you do add this useful data on (stop work orders are usually around 2,200 Wm2 in winter) hence the value of that parameter too, how about considering a one year subscription 'finders fee 😀?' Cheers

    Here area couple of useful links



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    Concerning your start-up location have you tried to set up your new location as favorite? (‘’Home location’’ in this example)
    And delete the old one from your favorites list.


  • Administrator

    @rotorhead124 Hello, thank you for the links and proposed features, we will consider them.

    As @idefix37 mentioned, start-up location can be easily set in the settings.

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