• I applaud windy for keeping a free acces to the website. You must be good people. But please no cookies and personalized advertising. This is paying double with private data. And the poor people are the victims. They don’t have the opportunity to pay.
    Even to write this to you I have to accept cookies first! I do not want that! So you won’t get many complaints about this because most people who care about this will not get as far to do this.
    Don’t make the mistake to think others are doing it to.
    Please do the right thing.
    Please don’t be consumed by power and money. Stay happy, stay focused.
    Greetings from a Dutch elementary school teacher

    I hope you have the hart to show this message to the big boss:)

  • Administrator

    @felicer Hello, thank you for your input.

    However since we need to secure a sustainable income, advertisement may come in 2021.

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