I want to cancel the year subscription consider my refund request

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    Aloha my friends, I'm a surfer from Argentina , i just purchased the very cool and cheap 20 euros year round premium subscription , but I'm not thrilled about the benefits and I will prefere to get my money back and keep using the normal windy as I always did since the very beginning without the premium.

    I'm a big fan of windy and always supported you around the world and always recommended it to everyone.

    Since I got the premium windy I'm not very comfortable with the benefits compared with the normal subscription therewise I prefere to get my refund of the 20 euros.

    For me 20 euros is a lot of money considering my economic catastrophic situation , so if you consider my request I will appreciate it a lot

    Happy new years my friends and keep up the amazing windy !

    Cheers I'm waiting for your answer !


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    @valentin13 Hello, we are sorry that you feel this way.

    To cancel your subscription, you have to do that on the platform you purchased it (Google Play section Subscriptions on Android, for iOS, go to Settings > Account > Subscriptions.

    If you are subscribed via desktop, type in your email here and you will receive an email with a link to FastSpring where you can manage it https://windy.onfastspring.com/account).

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