• For my purposes, anything over 20 kts is irrelevant. I am also color blind, and the color scale between 10 and 20 kts is almost indistinguishable to me. I have tied adjusting the color palette, but because I cannot reliably distinguish between various shades of green and blue that does not solve my problem. Is it possible to adjust windy so that the scale reads from 0-20kts, with anything over 20kts all just one color?

    Alternatively, is it possible to change the entire palette to a color blind sensitive one?

  • Sailor Moderator

    Here is a proposal, with 4 colors between 0 and 20kt, without shading or smoothing.
    Above 20kt there is only gray.
    Does that suit your needs?


    Instead of blue between 0 and 5kt and green between 6kt and 10kt, do you prefer other colors? The other ones can be changed too.

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