Button "10 days forecasts" missing for AROME model

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    It's a very small detail, but they are always important to improve a product ! ;)

    With the AROME model (which uses the ECMWF model after 24 hours), the button to extend the forecasts to 10 days is missing.


    This button is directly proposed on the ECMWF model :


    If we click on the button on the ECMWF model, the forecasts are well extended to 10 days on the AROME model as well :


    It would be more convenient if the button is also displayed when the AROME model is selected.

  • Hello @nyxtorm, AROME provides forecast data for the next 48 hours. That is why more data can't be shown.

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    @petra-pik Hello,

    Thank you for your answer. I know that the AROME model uses data from the ECMWF model beyond about 24-48h but that's not exactly the problem I detail in this post. :)

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    You are right, indeed, this could be corrected.
    Windy team could add the extension after 10 days even in the Arome view because in any case it is displayed when you go first in ECMWF and then back to Arome as you showed in your screenshots. It could be easier to propose it immediately in the Arome view, knowing of course that after 48h in any case, this is the forecast from ECMWF that you are seeing.
    @ivo FYI

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