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    I have Windy on 2 devices, MacBook Air 2020 and iPad 4th gen. On my MB when I enter a location and the weather trend pane at the bottom appears I can change the views easily as the menu access is in the top right hand corner. On the iPad however, it is located in the bottom right hand corner and is covered by the trend pane. Can the location of the “Home” button etc be changed on iPad to reflect that of the MB.



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    This screenshot shows the home button and menu covered.


  • Hello @barneyw2003, iPad has different behavior. Every website has a breaking point and the iPad is small to reflect windy.com as it does in a desktop version.
    Not to mention that the application is optimized for devices like this – the side menu disappears when you open a detailed forecast.

    To view the home button, close the detailed forecast.

    May I ask is this how your whole iPad screen looks like or did you take a screenshot of just a part of it?

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    Thanks @petra-pik

    It's a cropped screenshot.

    Pity because as you said should have been made for ios.

    Appreciate the reply


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