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    Hi, The app does always start with ECMWF.
    But this service shows mostly wrong data for my location. ICON would be useful.
    When do you plan to release a config item for the start-up forecast model?
    I paid for the Premium subscription, but the app is not user-friendly with this limitation.
    Cheers, Andy

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    @apofenomeno I would like to see this change also. The default forecast model is inaccurate for me in New Zealand. The forecast temperature is always cooler than more accurate models, not just off by a degree or so, but by 6C.

  • Been waiting and posting for a while about this.

  • Hello @apofenomeno, right now, it is not possible to customize the forecast model. We might add this possibility in the future.

  • Administrator

    @apofenomeno It would be easy to add this feature for global models. Not so much for local models.

    Which models do you have in mind?

  • @ivo how about models that are already listed under "Compare" function?
    In my instance NAM is more accurate than ECMWF and it would be greatly appreciated if I could set it as startup model on a browser, app and widgets rather than having to manually chose it each time.

    Another little suggestion would be to add a setting option where one could choose to restart on last used map scale rather than having to manually zoom in each time on startup.

    Thank You in advance

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