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    For Attn @johnckealy
    Skew T are a great addition thanks.

    Question about Cursor arrow location and values provided.
    Does the position of "users" cursor indicate parameters read of the skew T plot exactly ?
    Placing cursor on Skew T plot gives height in Km, pressure in Hpa wind(strength and direction) and temperature.
    My question is there appears to be a slight error of approx 20 Hpa between cursor position and pressure level read of Skew T.

  • @matt590

    Hi, glad you're making use of the plugin :)

    That's bug I've been meaning to get to... My suspicion at the moment is that it's actually just the way the javascript interprets where the "point" of the mouse pointer actually is. I'll try to get a fix in soon. In the meantime, try interpreting the "point" as being in the center of the mouse pointer.

    Not ideal, for sure, but as I say will try to get a fix in soon. Hoping it's nothing more serious than that...

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    @johnckealy John, many thanks for your explanation and fingers crossed you will "come up" with a fix.
    Didn't want to come across as a pedant but with such a great product this fix would be the "icing on the cake".
    Kind regards

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