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    Neither the logout or login work as they should.

    The "logout" link on the windy map page does not log me out it only redirects me to the community page, and I have to click "logout" again from there in order to be logged out properly.

    When I login on windy.com it redirects me to the community page instead of going straight to the windy map. After logging in I should be brought straight to the map, not the community page.

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    I tried login/logout redirects. Everything works properly for me.

    Please, can you try:

    • open anonymous tab and try login/logout
    • clear browser caches/cookie on windy.com pages (Ctrl+Shift+Delete shortcut)
    • open developer console (usually press F12) and then login/logout. Watch for error messages.
    • if you still have problems, let me know your browser version and your IP address (ie. on page https://ipconfig.io)


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    I tried steps 1,2,3 and still the same.

    Step 4: There were 3 errors from F12 window.

    ReferenceError: define is not defined
    ReferenceError: $ is not defined
    SyntaxError: invalid regexp group

    My IP is

    I use addons to block all google properties, does windy login redirect use google in some way?

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    Forgot to provide browser, its Firefox 68.10.0esr

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    @windy909 Hello, please try to update your FireFox to the latest version 84.

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    in the Windy aplication code there are no google sites, but Windy use google infrastructure. Try to disable addblock.

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