Paragliding info: expected altitude climb in thermals and thermals climb rate

  • Have you ever considered to add in your windgram the expected altitude climb in thermals for paragliding and the climb rate of thermals?
    This would be very appreciated and loved by the ones who do paragliding like me in the Alps, or wherever else in the world.
    I really like your app and I often find it accurate compared to other weather / wind apps, but that very useful information is still missing.
    Best regards and congratulations!

  • Meteorologist | Premium

    One way to solve your problem is to use a sounding, either the sounding included in the weather picker or one of the good plugins also proposed with Windy, SkewT and Better sounding. The last one has been developed specifically for paragliders :

    Those graphs should help you to check the thermals and their altitude max. Now, this sounding will not give you any indication about the vertical speed, you need to use other websites or application

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