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    I like Windy, but there are some details that make usage non-intuitive or annoying. Many of these things are really small, easy to implement things, but would make app and web lot more user friendly. It's from my personal experience with app or website during the last few months, sorry if something is made on purpose and I don't like it. These are just my personal suggestions, maybe it's possible to make even better improvements than I propose. Here is the list:

    • WEB: Allow selecting time in meteogram by clicking on column as it's done in the app. (Every time I try to move time, I have to find how to do this. Bar to move the time is really thin and moving it using handle is not practical with mouse.)
    • WEB: Maybe show home button in web, similar to mobile app. I can open details of my home location by clicking on search bar, so it's not a big deal, but first time it was pretty annoying when I couldn't find it. It's not really intuitive to use search bar to open favorite location. Maybe some icon showing that search bar contains also favorite places would be helpful.
    • APP: Add some feedback option (vibration or sound) when changing time. There is no simple option to move single step because I don't have keyboard on phone. It's not properly visually indicated that I'm on next timestep, because usually it's not loaded. (Of course, if the requested frame was loaded immediately, it would be even better, but I'm not sure if it's technically feasible. Maybe some loading icon or low resolution preview would help.)
    • APP: Allow changing map layer when meteogram is open. When I want to see different things displayed in meteogram on map, I have to close meteogram every time. If there is problem having side menu accesible, than it would be nice if I could at least tap name of row in meteogram and get it displayed on map.
    • APP: Allow selecting favorite place by tapping on it on map.
    • APP, WEB: When I zoom in too much, weather overlay disappears and I can only see map. Please disable zoom past that point or don't hide the overlay (second option is preferable).
    • APP, WEB: When there is type of precipitation displayed on map, legend is obstructed by meteogram (if open).
    • APP, WEB: Better name for section containing snow and rain would be "precipitation". (I'm not sure if this is problem only in Slovak localization, or also in English.)
    • WEB: When some click causes closing some elements, don't do other actions. For example, when I opened search box and want to close it, I click at map. It successfully closes the search dialog, but also select some random thing on map.
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    @peto1994 Hello, thank you for suggestions.

    A few comments:

    • The web and mobile UI is almost the same, you can easily choose time with the mouse.
    • Windy logo is like a home button, so there is no need for another one. Furthermore, favorites can be found in the menu -> Favorites.
    • I understand your point, but meteogram is not affected by change of the layer.
    • This cannot be disabled, map is shown at zoom level 12, if you don't want to see it, then do not zoom more than level 11.
    • Category Rain. Thunder is a main one, which contains several layers such as New Snow and Rain accumulation, therefore this name is accurate.
    • You can easily close search box by clicking on "x" in the top right corner.
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