Best model for cloud cover? UK - GFS vs ECMWF vs ICON

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    So looking at the different models, which provides the most accurate prediction for cloud cover?

    I'm a photographer and trying to predict cloud cover for sunset and sunrise photography in the UK.

    So Im interested in the type of ground cover at a certain location..

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    This is difficult to answer because there is no real automatic answer. Indeed, the best approach is to check the cloud cover forecast from GFS, ICON and ECMWF and then to compare with the real observations to do your own estimation of what model is the most suitable one for cloud cover for your specific area.

    Having said that, today, IFS from ECMWF is considered as one of the best model in Europe. My ranking for the 3 models would be :

    1. IFS (ECMWF)
    2. ICON
    3. GFS

    But as I said above, this ranking is general and not always valid for all parameters and all locations. You should do your own analysis

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    Thankyou for the response. ECMWF was showing clear today.. but we were so cloudy.. will give it a week, and maybe create some sort of survey of the 3 at 3 times a day and compare to local observations..

    will keep this thread updated

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