• Good evening. I vont to report some problem with app. Generaly it for all this time and years of using this wather app, I was very sadisfact using it. At last time, about 1 month, wen I was looking chart and moving him to see weather in other country, chart will be frozeen and dont respond for several minutes. Even restarting app its hapened again this problem. Can you please fix this problem? Thanks.

  • Hello @dean-pomorac, would you describe what is freezing? Do you mean a detailed forecast for the specific location or the visualization itself? You can upload a screenshot.

    I would recommend uninstalling and installing the application again.
    The application can freeze on older devices, devices with older operating systems, or when there is a bad internet connection.

    What version of the operating system and application (can be found at the bottom of the Menu) do you have?

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