• Hi all,

    I'm a longtime Windy user but am now in need of integrating it into a web app we're developing. I think there may be 1 too many limitations for us so I just want to double check those before we commit to the build.

    • Windy branding must remain
    • Is it possible to use custom UI components to toggle wind & swell data on/off?
    • I've seen a lot of unanswered posts about adding Windy data to a Mapbox setup. Our ideal would be to pull the swell & wind data out of Windy and apply it to our Mapbox setup. From what I've found, this seems to be impossible. Could you confirm/deny that?
    • No offline use of Windy

    Just to loop back to the point about pulling wind/swell data, you're pulling that data via GRIB files from the various data sources, then processing that into your map visualisations. So, anyone looking to 'display your visualisations onto a Mapbox map' would be better grabbing the GRIB files themselves and building their own visualisations, like so?

    Thanks so much for your help,


  • Sorry, I forgot to ask... the swell data gained via the Point Forecast api, that remains static right? There'd be no way to visualise that over a time period??


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