Feature Request: Right Now button

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    I do appreciate the beautiful yet simplistic design of Windyty and I understand the reason for resisting bloat but just one itsy, bitsy request. When I am viewing various screens of Windtty using the timeline, I would like to see a permanently displayed "Right Now" button so I could quickly get back to current conditions. When you are discussing future releases of Windyty, please consider adding this button. Thanks and thank you for a wonderful website.

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    @JimInSanDiego Click on a logo in LH top corner

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    @ivo Hey, thanks for your response. I knew about clicking on the Logo but on my screen the view I currently have displayed is changed. I would like to have a "Right Now" button which would only jump to the current date and time keeping the view I have. My favorite view is attached and shows a more expansive view of North America and the weather pattern affecting it. Thanks.

    0_1449759645304_Screenshot 2015-12-10 06.41.17.png

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