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  • @andyskulicz said:
    Really love Windyty and use it every day for paragliding! It's a great resource!
    In version 5.0, I can only change altitude when in "wind" viewing mode not "clouds, rain" viewing mode (which is the one I use the most).
    Also it's now not so easy to find the NEMS model after you have bookmarked the page - you have to zoom (in or out) and then the option come up.
    Sorry, but I much prefer the old version!

  • I just came across this and love it.

    Would it be difficult to add something where we could enter two points (airport identifiers or city names or xxx) and then it would overlay a great circle line on the map?

    And what about average wind over the course of that line?

    Or time to travel at xxx speed with the given winds?

    I am trying to plan a flight around the world and the winds aloft are a big deal on the longer legs. Pago Pago to Hilo, Hawaii and then from Hilo to Santa Barbara.

    My ideal scenario would be to enter NSTU (pago pago) and PHTO (hilo, HI) and then a given airspeed over that route (175 knots true) at 16,000. And then get data about the winds along that routing.



  • hi there!

    I love it, super stoked with windyty! just couple comets
    after you zoom your location:
    lines or arrows that showing wind direction can be in same color from menu on the right that you have chosen, than arrows should be wind strength color or temperature high color or clouds or pressure color...
    location details fonts can be with black stroke because in white background is difficult to see
    can be also backward play button...

    windyty (Small).png

    thank for attention!

  • I have not yet tried WINDYTY 5.0 and I wish to know and I believe it has more information.
    I am a Second Officer and the first time I used with Capt. K. Hanssen, a Norwegian, I really found it very interesting, I mean a lot of information for the incoming weather in Hours or Days that can be observed ahead.
    Several times I have given forecast weather particularly Typhoons to - on board crew and as well to my country Philippines and calling my wife informing her for preparation. It has given me and us, a great help and assistance.
    Ever since, I have love knowing weather first before moving on.
    Thank your much for your high intellect, knowledge and shared with us.

    I believe Windty 5.0 is fast and knowledgeable. Great job in advance.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I live in South America, but everytime when I enter in, the first place is this (like in that picture), and South America was the first place before.picture.jpg

  • Administrator

    @Marcos-Silva Thx for report. I will look at it

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