How to Loop?

  • Firstly, apologies if this is something that has (a) been discussed already, or (b) something which is trivial or obvious to enable. I have searched, and had a good look at the various settings, but I haven't figured it out - So any guidance is appreciated.
    Essentially I'd like to;

    1. Set up a wind forecast map, zoomed to a specific location (I can do this :-) )
    2. Define a period of interest e.g. starting from Now, and looking forward 3 days.
    3. Press PLAY to play the animation (I can do this :-) )
    4. And when the animation (play bar) gets to the end, have it restart from X, where X is always the current day/time.

    All/Any help welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

  • administrators

    @ddoogan No this is not possible to do

  • Hi Ivo,
    thank for the feedback.
    That's unfortunate... But I guess it's difficult to be all things to all people.


  • Hi Ivo,

    this is something I would find really useful too. Can you please consider it in your next development release?

    Kind Regards
    JOHN H

  • administrators

    @JohnH Well we plan a great things on a Windyty in a future

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