• Windty 5.0 no longer recognizes routes between airports (e.g. "KLAX KSFO") in location search. BTW, routes with >2 points would be really useful!

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    I am sorry. Only 20 people a day used them. I will check statistics if I am not wrong.

    The same as NOTAMs, only 60 people a day used them.

  • @ivo : I posted a link to windyty to my aircraft type owner's club (~3,000 members). They were very enthusiastic and grateful for the site. However, on the route usage, I received responses like:

    I would not have guessed you could put two points in the box. Where it now says "search location" it could say "location or route".

    Please let the admin know that it isn't necessarily self explanatory that you can put a route in the search function and that may be the reason not many people are using it that way.

    I think with this suggestion of re-labeling the search box, you will find a lot more people using the route function

    Thank you for a wonderful tool.

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    Thx for feedback

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    @rschibler It works in Africa for me - but not Europe!

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