What type of altitude is used for the wind?

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    • Surface wind is defined as wind 10m above ground
    • Other levels are AMSL (above main sea level)

  • My altitude above sea level is 400 meters. This is a relatively low point in my area. The 300 meter wind level of the map is 100 meters underground, Yet, there is a wind field for that altitude, and it's different from the surface field!

  • Dear Windy.tv Team,

    I have the same question that rjeff already asked a while ago (but which I didn't find to be answered, yet):
    In case of e.g. wind, what does the height mean exactly. I understood that ground level means 10m above ground and other heights use sea level as reference.
    What if I am looking for wind data in the mountains? In that case you also provide wind data for e.g. 100m (above sea level) which is below the ground.
    I feel, as long as surface height is not reached, there should be empty spots on the map.

    I'd be greatful for your response!

  • @Hecky 100m layer is also above ground level (above model terrain), it is the same case like 10m level.
    Upper layers display values for isobaric surfaces, e.g. 850hPa, not for exact altitude. AMSL value in the tooltip is only approximation.

  • Still not clear -- So do you mean that when I have "1000 meters" selected for wind altitude, that when I'm looking at an area that is 1,500 meters MSL, the wind strength indication is for 1050 meters MSL in that particular point? (And then it goes to 1000 meters where the terrain slopes below that level?)

  • Sorry, should have said 1010 meters instead of 1050 meters.

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