Windyty 5.3 is here

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    Ever since Windyty has been born, I have been asking myself a question, if checking a weather can be even faster. And here it is at
    Windyty 5.3 introduces Search mode, and Map mode and you will love it.
    And to use Windyty even faster do not forget to use keyboard shortcuts:
    Search mode:
    [esc] - clears search window
    [esc][esc] - clears search window and switches to Map mode
    [arrow down, up] - iterates through search results or forecasted days
    [enter] - shows forecast for selected location, or location detail
    Map mode:
    [tab] - switches to Search mode
    [arrow down, up] - changes overlays
    [arrow left, right] - changes times
    [page up, down] - changes altitude of wind

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