Reuse of draggable leaflet popup

  • Hi!
    When you click on a point on the map you get a nice transparent popup that you can move and you see data values for that location. As I also use Leaflet as mapping library I had a quick look and couldn't find such a draggable popup control as a leaflet plugin published somewhere open-source. I think that would be really useful to have for certain scientific maps. My question is: Have you thought about making this little leaflet control open-source? If not and you don't want to do that, would you mind if I reuse the styles from Windyty (CSS/HTML popup structure) and create such a thing myself?
    Thanks, Maik

  • @neothemachine it is just leaflet html marker that is dragabble. Standard Leaflet feature. No big deal.

  • Ah I see, it's just a marker, I thought it was a popup somehow. So you use a draggable marker with a DivIcon which contains the HTML? How did you attach the handler for the close button? Thanks!

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