Rendering problems in google Chrome

  • Hello Windyty community!
    The bug itself is explained in the title. It only renders about the last 1/3 of the screen in the Y axis. It doesn't matter where I go, it doesn't render anywhere...
    My Pc specs are the following:
    ·Windows 10 64 bits
    ·8GB of RAM
    Browser: Google Chrome
    The console didn't say anything..

    I couldn't upload here the images so I uploaded them into imgur
    Images about the bug

  • Well try Reload the page. If it persist, send a screenshot

  • @ivo well, I did it and it persisted, the console isn't saying anything, restarting chrome doesn't work too...
    And when I try to upload any image here I get this: Link to both Images
    Thanks for replying!

  • @DavidMR That is really strange. Windyty THINKS that your browser window is smaller, than really is. Is this some kind of Window surface or tablet or something? Can you please try that in different browser. Beside I will install Windows 10 somewhere on my mac.

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