Data Retrieval in CSV or Ms Excel

  • Windyty is a wonderful initiative, My congratulations...........!
    Is there any way to extract data in CSv or Excel form e.g I want to extract monthly/annual average wind speed & wind direction at Surface over an specified area.......Please Help........

  • no data sorry

  • ivo,
    i need some information from you i was refer your source of data information ,
    you mentioned that your data sources are NOAA and meteoblue !
    i was already got the data from meteoblue . i can not able to to get the data from NOAA.
    can you help us(i was in india country)

  • @Leapforecast
    I was try to retrive the data set from NOAA but i cant can you help us how to get the of noaa data to CSV format.

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