Update interval

  • Over the last week, the updates are lagging far behind the 6 hr interval. As many of us most likely time our site visits to coincide with the latest update, is it possible to post the update time once the user allows your algorithm to identify the location of their computer?


  • Not responding to valid concerns (this one plus the other recent issues) makes one assume that windyty staff have switched their interest. Sad!

  • Well that is problem with NOAA sevrvers. Cant help

  • Update interval: Every 6 hrs

    Updated: 11 hrs ago

    Yesterday’s forecast?

  • We will check it

  • I think, the bug is showing "ago" instead "Local Time". The showed value is a hour of the update in local time, but it is labeled as hours ago. Example: Displayed "9h ago", should be "9:00 CEST". (CEST i.e) I noticed the bug a fiew weeks ago.

  • @krzy07 No no this is not the case.

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