BIG Difference in GFS 12 km and NEMS 4km forecasts

  • I keep my boat at Estepona, your product , but am confused why there is such a HUGE difference in wind direction and speed between the 2 types of forecast available in my area... the 2 pictures show the situation right now..
    which one should I be trusting?

    thanks in advance !

    1_1460479707142_Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 18.44.40.png 0_1460479707141_Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 18.44.33.png

  • Administrator

    You probablly look at different time

  • No these are the same times ..if you switch from GFS to Nems the time remains the same in the bottom bar I mentioned , often there is a BIG difference....
    Is the NEMS likely to be more accurate, even though their update interval is much longer , so the GFS could actually be more recent ..I'm looking at one right now where the GFS was updated 5 hours ago, but the NEMS is 19 hours ago .....
    How do we know which one to trust to be more accurate...the later one (GFS) or the one with a smaller forecast area?

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