I need help understanding how to use windyty

  • I am very much a newbie. Joined today. Many questions about how to interpret graphics, colors on the map. I think I have a handle on how to make most of Windyty's systems work for me.

    When I have the website on wind strength, I see patches of yellow, blue, light red fading into a deep purple in the center. What is the significance of these colors? I can interpret most other things like wind speed and direction. But I would like to understand the color system.

    What are the max waypoints that can be used in distances? I noticed when I was 'trying it out' that after 6 or 7 waypoints for distances, it stopped listing the waypoints and distances.

    This website really looks like what I've been looking for. Really hope you can answer my questions.


  • I have since my last post determined what the color scheme is. The lighter the color the slower the wind speed. Duh. The deeper the purple, the faster the wind. So maybe the answer lies in just using windyty. But an instructional page would be very helpful.


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