Can I track a boat with windyty?

  • I need to track a sailboat in addition to providing weather forecasting in about 2 weeks. Can this be done using windyty if I simply enter the coordinates about once a day? How is this done, if it can be done with this software/website?


  • I've built a sail routing app that uses windyty to display the routin solution:

    it's not a tracker, and it's not a forecaster, but it does compute recommended route given the forecast weather conditions along the route...

  • Thanks jaffadog. It looks like it may have potential for my situation. It is not for my boat. My daughter and family will be leaving Hawaii for Glacier Bay, Alaska in about 3 weeks +/-. Depends on the weather window. I'm back on the mainland. Via ham radio I will be in regular contact with her, and also give her the weather forecast by daily email, using winlink. This has worked well in the past. It occurred to me that I might also be able to track her progress by logging her daily nav stats on a chart. I know, some winlink sites do this too. But the above would be my own personal record.

    I won't get to it tonight, but plan to study your website tomorrow sometime. Will get back to you when I'm done.

  • @jaffadog

    I have tried logging in with Google, your website option list, several times, and get the Response Status 500 window each time. Google search not helpful on this error.

    ......and why the need to sign in with Google. I don't have accounts with Twitter or Facebook. Why not just sign in as most others require.

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    Use new version of API

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  • @jaffadog
    hi! I wanna ask that is there anyway to let the polyline show on the land while switching to wave and current mode.
    i've checked the leaflet doc, but it seems that there is no zIndex in polyline option.

  • @LeoHuang

    I don't really understand your question. I think I may not be qualified to answer this question. Can anyone out there deal with this? Thanks.


  • @cycleguy41 @jaffadog

    I mean on the There are two lines in the map. One is a greatcircle, the other is a straight line owing to Mercator projection. Both two line show well in the wind mode, but when I switch to the waves mode or currents mode these two lines will be under the land. I have the same problem while using Windyty in my map and I have tried zIndex option in polyline in leaflet, but it doesn't work.

  • @LeoHuang

    I think you need to address this question to the developer of fastseas. I would suggest you direct your question directly to @jaffadog. I know you added his name to the receiver of forum question. But it also included my name.
    I wish you well with this. I would love to help you, but I'm sorry, this is out of my depth.


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    @LeoHuang No polyline will remain below land

  • @cycleguy41
    Sorry for bothering you. I forgot the topic poster is you and thank you for your answering and reminding me that.
    I will ask @jaffadog through messege.

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