Windyty announces public API

  • So far free as a beer, but without any technical support is our new Windyty API


  • Hi Ivo - I've switched to v2. Looks good. Thanks for making more overlays available too.


  • Hi @ivo! Congratulations!

    This API will provide weather data (period, waves direction, wind speed, etc...)?

  • I am encountering odd windyty layer issues when executing map.fitBounds() during map initialization. I suspect it's some kind race issue as the behavior is inconsistent. Is there an event I can listen to that will tell me when windyty initialization is complete? so that I can wait before executing fitBounds()? or is there a method I can call to force re-initialization of windyty given the current map state (center+zoom)?

    The issue I encounter are:

    • windyty weather layer does not match map zoom level
    • windyty weather layer does not update when panning or zooming the map - like it's in a broken state.

  • Thanks for breaking the display by REQUIRING the image(box) to 750 px or wider in order to have room for the new 'tools'. :frowning:

    Was this change made to prevent viewing Windyty images on mobile devices? :astonished:

    I don't use javascript on my site, nor do I want to, but IF it possible to restore the 'tools' choices with the API, I may try that.

  • where is it broken?

  • @ivo Hi Ivo! FI(H) from Spain!
    Is it possible to introduce a new function to the public API like retrieving in TXT actual METAR and actual NOTAMS from a selected ICAO AIRPORT with a GET HTML command?

    Thank you!

  • Can I get the NOTAM and METAR data by using SOAP or REST?

  • Global Moderator

    @luxdlzu No, it is not possible.

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