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  • Hello Windyty forum - I am new to Windyty, but I like at least one other forum member really would like to have a GRIB download for use in my voyage planning and chartplotter MFD on my boat. Maybe I am missing this somewhere, but is there a place to download a GRIB file? Thanks in advance

  • Since windyty appears to be using GFS, NEMS, and NAM model data, my guess is that they are using the GRIB files from those respective sources and aren't building new GRIB files. The NOMADS server at NOAA has the GFS and NAM GRIB files. The NEMS data may be from the meteoblue API.

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    We do not offer GRIB for download

  • Windyty is my preferred weather viewer and with the latest overlay updates iI am finding it has gone further than my subscription service PedictWind in alllowing us to visualise weather. However, I need weather offllines. Currently I donwload grib files using using short format query over satphone.

    I would love to be able use Windyty offline.

  • @ivo, As open water sailors away from shore we have two uses for Windy. If we can't access the GRIBs from it, that is OK, I download GRIBs via a separate facility but would like to have them interpreted by the Windy app. If that is not available then that just pushes us towards competitors as having the ability to visualize weather is important to us. I have Windy as it is a cool quick tool for non-navigational purposes and I can send friends to the website to see/track phenomena. A simple "load a GRIB" feature for registered owners would be a great feature to draw in new owners.

  • +1 on being able to use windy offline with GRİB files for nautical nvigation and extended trips.

  • That would be a very nice solution for sailing. I love windy but whenever a passage is more than 48 h off the grid I have to use other apps. To have a option to download data for offline use or even grib visualisation would be fantasctic.

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    Like everyone else in this topic, I too would really like to be able to use Windy offline with downloadable GRIB files.

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  • +1 For being able to use windy offline or download windy interpreted gribs for ocean crossing

  • @ivo Same here, it's very unfortunate you guys are pushing us sailors away to use tools that can load gribs. We are gladly paying competitors and many would prefer staying with you!

  • +1 for Windy to develop offline grib importing and viewing. Already looking at competition for its failure to do so.

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    But if Windy need to make a post-treatment to the GRIB files before disseminating these data through the Internet, there is no chance to use the same App to visualize free raw GRIB files received by sat phone.

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