Blank screen in Firefox

  • Hi, been happening for a while now. Vista with firefox and all I get is a blank screen, menus are there but nothing happening when I click on them.
    Can enter a location to look for weather but nothing happens when I click search or press enter.
    I have disabled adblocker and no success..

    The only link on the page that works is the help button! So here I am.......
    Want to do some gliding now the weather is here...

  • All working now! Wow thanks..

    I know which is the best slope for soaring this afternoon, will be there now I have WindyTY again

  • @Area51 Just tried again and now its the same as before with Firefox. Page is loading but blank grey sceen, only like off the page working is the help button.

    Worked the once this morning, as reported above, then broke again - what is going on or the problem?

  • Me again... wanting to go gliding later.. GUESS WHAT.. not working on Firefox again... What is the problem?

    Last time I mentioned it, my post was viewed and the problem went away....?
    So I kind of think it isnt my PC settings or software..

  • Wanting to fly again this afternoon and still no WindyTY in firefox.. what is going on? Any help forthcoming

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