What's the difference between these two winds given in picture:

  • What's the difference between these two winds? Why these usually remain against each other? First is Metar I know, So what is second which animates and at how much it blows? Please answer my question. I'll be grateful to you.

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  • I'm so disappointed that there is no reply to my question yet.

  • I think nobody replied because it's difficult understand your question.
    First of all, I see only one image.
    Then both the winds your asking about are shown in the same picture.

    I see a lot of arrows, representing wind flow in various points. With the word "winds" are you referring to two sets of arrows or two single distinct arrows?

    I don't know if I or others can answer your question, but clarify a little is a good first step.
    Sorry for being boring, I was moved by your second message of disappointing and I hoped to help a little.

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    • Arrow is the latest wind MEASUREMENT of the station at the given location.
    • Moving particles visualize wind field FORECAST from selected computer model for selected time. Wind strength at any location can be observed by clicking on map or by comparing map color to legend.

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