Wind meter

  • Which portable wind meter performance is best ?

  • @aryan84 Nobody reply on this post. Please give me a suggestion. I already found a portable wind meter shop. From here which one is best?

  • Hi. I think nobody replies because your question have little to do with the scope of a forum about a software, and is of little interest for developers and users of the said software.

    Further more, I don't know who qualifies as portable wind meter expert and so apt to answer your first question. Not me, but since we are here, I took a look at your link and I suggest to buy the cheapest. It's almost always the better choice (yes I know, it's a controversial statement, forgive me.).

    Have a nice day.

  • @changelanguage Thanks A lot bro

  • Thank you for the thanks! After posting I was immediately afraid of being an asshole...Who knows, maybe my thesis was wrong and the answer was missing for other reasons and I just gave a pendant explanation, sounding so self-important. Happy to have been useful.

  • I already bought a wind meter hopefully it will be best for me.

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