How to change language?

  • Hi everybody.
    I love your piece of software, I find it useful, smart and well designed. It seems to me it has also an aesthetic value...It's nice to look at it.

    I write here to ask if it's possible to change language.
    I tried looking on the page, in the forum, on facebook, change my chrome settings, delete cache and cookies, connect through a VPN resulting connected from an English speaking country, but nothing.

    It always remains set on Italian and I can't change language.
    I know it's a minor issue, but why can't let the users decide, with the usual little national flags? Or in the settings?
    I find very strange to have my setting locked on the country from where I'm connected, especially for a site I imagine is used by people often abroad.

    Thank you and good work!

  • Hi,

    you need to change the language in chrome. It seems your chrome have italian and english. Even if your chrome is in english windity will be in italian.
    Kind regards,


  • Thank you. I always thought I had only English in my language settings.
    When I wrote that I checked chrome settings, I meant I tried to solve disconnecting from the Google Account and tinkering with the "People" section of the settings.
    Everything working fine now.
    Thank you again!

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